Scritto Dimension

With Scritto® Dimension you are not limited to just one possibility, but an immense number of possibilities. Total modularity allows you to discover endless design solutions. A totem or rather posts? Wall mounted or free standing? Flat, convex or concave? Symmetric or assymmetric?
The choice is yours.
Made out of pure aluminium, Scritto® Dimension resists to the strongest environments.
Whether it’s ultra-violet light or the strongest winds, Scritto® Dimension stands true.
Scritto® Dimension mounting methods makes the fasteners invisible. This helps against vandalism. And provides a sleek and clean appeal.
We know time is money. Just imagine putting together a six meter post and panel in 20 minutes?
With Scritto® Dimension, we have turned imagination into reality.
Scritto® signs are assembled fast and easy with parts that clip securely together.
It’s no wonder that we’ve become known as the most efficient pre-engineered sign.

Scritto® Dimension offers a maximum in design possibilities with a minimum number of parts

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